ACT, SAT, & GED Practice Tests

Welcome to the best online test preparation system available: our collection of ACT, SAT and GED practice tests. We have practice quizzes for these major tests that you can do whenever and wherever you want, all free of charge. Each and every practice question has an in-depth video explanation by an expert test preparation tutor who will show you how to do the test questions you missed. Our sample ACT, SAT and GED practice problems are designed to be as tough or tougher than the test questions on the actual ACT, SAT and GED exams so that you will have no surprises on test day.

Begin practicing for your upcoming test by picking the section of the ACT, SAT or GED on which you have the most trouble, and complete a practice quiz. After you finish one of the practice tests, the questions you missed will come up and you can click them for the correct answer and a video to show you how to think through the problem correctly.

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